Six Importance Maintenance Tasks For Planetary Mixers

A planetary mixer is an important piece of equipment and a big investment for any industrial baking operation. It's important that you keep your planetary mixers properly maintained to ensure their proper functioning and to prolong equipment lifespan. 

The following are six important tasks to keep up on when it comes to maintaining planetary mixers and ensuring that they stay in the best possible shape over time. 

Clean the mixer thoroughly

The most important maintenance task is cleaning the planetary mixer thoroughly after every time it is used.

Cleanings should include not only cleaning the mixing bowl and any attachments, but also cleaning the exterior of the planetary mixture. Exterior cleanings prevent residue from building up on the mixer that could compromise cleanliness and become more difficult to remove over time.

It's important to avoid using steel wool and other abrasive materials for planetary mixer cleanings. Instead, you should use a soft brush or rag. 

Lubricate gear boxes

As with any piece of machinery that includes moving parts, planetary mixers require occasional lubrication. Parts including the gear box and mixer shaft require lubrication. Remember to use only food-grade lubricants on planetary mixers to avoid contaminating product. 

Verify the agitator clearance distance

Over time, parts of a planetary mixer could shift. If the agitator clearance distance changes even slightly, it could lead to different results in the prepared food product despite the same procedure.

It's therefore important to check agitator clearance distance periodically and make sure it stays the same to ensure product conformity.

Check to make sure belts are in good shape

One important part of a planetary mixer that wears out over time is the belts. Belts should be inspected regularly. They need to be promptly replaced if they start to appear frayed or worn out. 

Train new employees about mixer operation

Institute a thorough training process for employees learning to use planetary mixers. Stress the importance of avoiding mixer overload when you're training employees. Overloading planetary mixers with too much material is one of the most common causes of malfunctions. 

Maintain a log

You should keep a maintenance log for all of your planetary mixers. Keeping a detailed log helps you anticipate upcoming maintenance and repair needs. 

The log should be updated whenever routine maintenance tasks like lubrication are done. The log should also be updated when belts are replaced or when other repairs need to be performed. 

For more information, contact companies that sell planetary mixers.