When You Are Tasked With Cleaning And Polishing Two Stories Of Mall Floors

Malls do close, and when they close, that is usually when the janitorial crew gets to work. They are often tasked with some big responsibilities, such as cleaning, scrubbing, and polishing the mall floors. If you work as a mall janitor, and you are now facing two stories of mall floors that have to be scrubbed and waxed before doors open to the public again, here are a few pieces of equipment that can make your job a little easier. 

Forklift Rental

If the mall does not have its own forklifts, ask your boss to look into a forklift rental. The forklift can help move equipment up to the second level of the mall much faster and easier than trying to drag it up the stairs or escalators. With a pallet on the prongs of the forklift, you can load your floor strippers, floor wax, and floor cleaners and secure them to the pallet. One of your fellow janitors operates the forklift on the ground and elevates the supplies to the mezzanine above where you can start removing the supplies and hauling them over the railing onto the second story of the mall. 

Floor Scrubber Rental

Undoubtedly, your janitorial closet at the mall contains a floor scrubber, but the job you and your fellow janitors are tasked with could go so much faster if you have at least one extra floor scrubber. If you can find a few floor scrubber rentals, maybe you can convince your supervisor to get the scrubbers so that your one or two nights of doing all the mall floors can be finished faster and better than if you are just trying to do it all with one scrubber. Thankfully, you can rent a scrubber at the same place you rent forklifts and scissor lifts. 

Scissor Lift Rental

If the second story of the mall is up much higher than a forklift can lift, perhaps a scissor lift will work better. The scissor lift can reach up higher than most forklifts can, plus it has a built-in platform and railings to keep your janitorial cleaning supplies on the platform without having to secure the supplies to the platform. Additionally, more than one person can ride up in this lift, making it much easier to hand materials and supplies off to one person on the second story. 

Hopefully, with these tips, your mall cleaning will go smoothly and quickly.