Maintaining A Commercial Boiler’s Burners

Your business's boiler is likely a device that must withstand near-constant use for long periods of time. Unfortunately, businesses will often fail to effectively care for their boilers, and this can put them in a position of experiencing serious performance problems with the unit that can lead to malfunctions or inefficiencies.

Keep The Industrial Boiler's Burners Clean

The burner of the boiler will be the most important component for generating heat. When the burner encounters problems or suffers a complete failure, it can have some serious impacts on the performance of the system. For example, the burners could become coated in fuel residue that can eventually clog them. This can reduce the amount of heat being produced and can lead to substantial fuel waste. The intense use that these boilers will experience can lead to them developing these accumulations fairly quickly. Cleaning the burners every couple of weeks can keep them clean enough to avoid these clogs and residues from collecting.

Use High-Quality Fuel

The quality of the fuel that you are providing the boiler will be another important factor. Using the incorrect type of fuel or one that is of a low quality can negatively impact these systems. Low-quality fuel can burn far less efficiently while also leaving behind more residue. Some businesses will opt for lower-quality fuels due to them being more affordable. However, the problems and inefficiencies that can come from using low-quality fuels can negate the cost savings that you would have otherwise enjoyed. The manufacturer of the burner will have a recommended type of fuel to use with it. While falling to use this fuel may not cause the system to immediately fail, it can shorten the lifespan and decrease performance.

Use A Professional Service To Repair Or Service The Burners

Eventually, the burners will need to be professionally serviced or repaired. Regular service visits can be necessary for addressing the routine wear that the burner will experience from being used. This can include cleaning the burner, calibrating it so that the right amount of fuel is flowing through it, and inspecting it for physical damage. Failing to have professionals conduct these repairs and routine work can be a potentially dangerous mistake. Incorrect work on the burners can lead to a higher risk of a fire starting or of noxious fumes being released. Using a professional repair service will avoid these potential safety issues by ensuring these repairs are done correctly and thoroughly tested.

To learn more, contact a company that offers burner services.