Why You Should Upgrade Your Department Store To Handheld Bluetooth Scanners

As your department store begins to grow, you may start adding more and more merchandise. This may be good for business, but it also means that you will have more and more inventory to keep track of on your shelves. As your inventory grows larger and larger, it could eventually become a hassle to update your price tags and other information. Luckily though, there is a solution. A handheld bluetooth barcode scanner could make your life easier in a number of different ways.

Set Your Weekly Ad with Ease

If your store releases a flyer or any kind of weekly sale, one of the biggest pains for many of your employees will be ensuring that the prices on the sales floor are accurate whenever your new ad arrives at the start of your ad week. But with a handheld scanner, it will be much easier for you to quickly walk through the aisles and quickly scan each bar code to remotely access your store's inventory and pricing list. 

Easy Price Checks for Customers

One of the most aggravating things for both your customers and your employees is when a customer gets to the checkout with an item that is a different price than what the customer expects. Maybe the customer picked up an item on a shelf with an old price tag or an item that was moved in front of the wrong price tag. Now one of your employees has to run back to the shelf and see if the customer is correct about the price and if your store made a mistake.

But if every employee has a handheld scanner on the floor, they can periodically scan different tags to make sure everything stays accurate throughout the week. They will also be able to quickly get a price for a customer if someone approaches because there is a missing tag or the customer is otherwise confused. This will keep things moving smoothly up at the checkout, hopefully reducing the number of times you have to back up the line by sending someone out to the floor for a price check.

Make life in your department store or on your sales floor easier by getting every employee their own bluetooth barcode scanner. You'll be able to update prices throughout the store more quickly while also quickly resolving any customer confusion around current sales or price checks. Contact a bluetooth barcode scanner supplier today for more information