Farm Equipment Every New Farmer Needs

If you are looking to start a farm, you will obviously need to get the right farming equipment before you can get started. Whether you are starting a small hobby farm or about to get serious on a major parcel of land, there is plenty of farm equipment out there that can help you get the job done. If this is your first farm and you aren't sure where to get started, here are some basics to keep in mind.

You'll Need a Utility Vehicle or a Tractor

Unless your farm is super small, you are going to want some kind of vehicle to get you from point A to point B. Having to walk back and forth even on a small farm can get old pretty quick. To that end, you should look into getting a farm tractor or utility vehicle and trailer. A tractor can help you spread seed or work the soil as you move back and forth, and a utility vehicle with trailer will help you transport other heavy farm equipment from one side of the farm to the other.

Extra Blades for Your Tractor or Mower

Getting a new tractor or mower will get you off to a good start, but the blades and other mechanisms that are involved in actually cutting the grass or manipulating the soil are going to need to be replaced at some point. Invest in multiple extra box blades or whichever parts you need to refresh your mower or tractor as needed. A farmer without the right blades for the job isn't going to be making any adjustments or changes to the land anytime soon.

Tiller to Prepare the Soil

You've cut down the grass or other impediments to your farming, and you're ready to actually prime the soil. The best tool to do this is usually a rotary tiller. This will allow you to quickly prep an entire line of potential crops without having to actually dig into the soil by hand.

If you want to start a farm on your property, you'll be taking part in a tradition that countless others in this country have benefited from for centuries. But if you actually want to do it the right way, you'll want to take some time and make sure you have the right tools for the job before you begin. Specifically, make sure you are equipped with the right tractor and accessories before you move forward