Shutting Down the Myths About Carbon Fiber Welding Hoods

The welder's hood is a unique piece of protective gear in that it almost becomes an extension of the welder while they work. Therefore, picking a good welding hood is one of the most important choices you can make as a welder. Carbon fiber hoods are some of the most modern, but these hoods are associated with a lot of myths. 

Myth: Welding Hoods Made of Carbon Fiber Are Uncomfortable

Carbon fiber welding hoods are considered by many to be the most comfortable because of their lightweight build and design. These hoods are less likely to cause strain on the neck and shoulders if they are worn for long periods while welding. Plus, because the material is lighter and deflects heat better than traditional hood materials, the hoods can be cooler and not leave you sweating under the hood. Some units are even built with ventilation and internal cooling mechanisms specifically to keep the welder more comfortable. 

Myth: Carbon Fiber Welding Hoods Don’t Offer Substantial Flame or Spark Protection

Carbon fiber is just as heat-resistant as other types of welding hoods. Yes, the material is lightweight, but contrary to popular misconception, the material does not melt or burn easily. Carbon fiber is coated with composites that are hardened through a heating process, which gives the material its extraordinary resilience to heat exposure. Carbon fiber is actually designated as incombustible because it will only burn above 400 degrees Celcius and that is only if the high heat is combined with a combustible gas to cause the material to burn. 

Myth: You Can’t Get Custom-Made Carbon Fiber Welding Hoods

The majority of manufacturers that offer custom-made welding helmets and hoods actually offer carbon-fiber units. It is true that you can get the standard hoods off-the-shelf, so to speak, but you can just as easily find a company that does custom designs. These hoods are commonly outfitted with special features catered to the welder's preferences and can even be accented with flashy graphic designs.

Myth: Carbon Fiber Welding Hoods Simply Don’t Last That Long

A well-made carbon hood will have a nice long life span. It is not uncommon for these hoods to last several decades when they are properly taken care of by the welder. People often associate a lighter weight material with a compromised ability to last a long time, but carbon fiber is resilient and very capable of withstanding a lot of use. Invest in a carbon fiber welding hood of your own today.