Keeping Your Dock Safe With The Right Equipment

If you operate shipping or receiving docks for your business, there are some things that you may want to consider that can make the dock safer and more efficient for works and visitors. Sometimes, essential equipment can make a significant difference for the people working on the dock every day, and often are not overly expensive to implement. Read more below about helpful dock equipment.

Dock Gates

Shipping and receiving docks often have doors open when trailers are are not in the dock. Sometimes this is done for airflow; other times, a trailer is being moved and replaced with another trailer, and the door is left open. Installing dock equipment like safety gates at the dock can make it safer for people working in the area when the door is open. When the trailer is ready to be moved, the dockworker can pull the gate and secure the opening without pulling down a heavy door.

The gates are typically expandable gates that are stretched across the dock door open quickly and easily. They are light and easy to use and allow the dock personnel to see when the trailer is swapped on the door. And when the weather is nice, it can be a safer option than leaving doors open and hoping no one falls off the dock.

A dock equipment supplier will have different styles, sizes, and colors that you can choose from and install on your dock to stop people or equipment from accidentally going through an open door and off the dock.

Pallet Jacks 

When you have a lot of freight moving around the loading dock, it is vital that people have a way to move it that is safe. Hand trucks and pallet jacks can make it easier to move freight around without the risk of a strained back or other injuries because they eliminate the lifting. 

Pallet jacks slid under a pallet and use a hydraulic ram to raise the load off the floor enough to transport it around the dock. Most dock equipment suppliers will have several sizes and styles of these pallet jacks available for your dock needs. 

Some are powered by batteries the operator rides on a platform as they move freight, and others are entirely manual but still work well for moving pallets to tracks or shipping lanes. Hands trucks are also suitable for moving loads around the dock, but they can only lift a few boxes at a time and are not large enough to carry a full pallet. 

In both cases, the dock equipment supplier can provide the right tool for you and may have some accessories that you never considered for your dock. Take a look at what tools and equipment the supplier has that can increase the efficiency of your operation while keeping it safe for everyone working in the area.