Advice for Those in the Market for Thread Gages

Pitch measuring is something that can be easily achieved when a thread gage is used. They are small tools that aren't overly difficult to use and they won't be hard to buy either thanks to this advice.

Consider an All-In-One Design

It's pretty typical to have to measure different pitch sizes. Rather than having a bunch of thread gages and wasting money when you don't really have to, you might want to just look for an all-in-one thread gage from the beginning.

They make thread gages that are so dynamic that you can simply switch portions of the gage when different pitches come into the work equation. You don't have to reach for another thread gage or worry about incompatibility issues. That can help you complete these measuring practices a whole lot quicker and you'll have an easier time keeping up with just one tool.

Make Sure Gages Are Safe

It probably sounds obvious, but you only want to buy thread gages that are going to allow you to be safe when measuring pitches. You need to be safe on a consistent basis too so that you don't have to deal with hand injuries that keep you from working.

Look for thread gages that have proven safety for more than several years. If no major safety incidents were reported in a large timeframe, that clearly means the manufacturer has refined the gages' surfaces and designs to ensure users are able to manipulate these tools safely with their hands. 

Be Patient About Finding the Optimal Choice

When you first start buying thread gages, you may not find something that works perfectly in every way. Time and patience are essential for finding these gages. Give yourself time to use different gage brands that have varying designs.

Then after some real hands-on experience with a couple of different thread gages, you'll have more knowledge about what options you have access to. You may find that a particular gage is more comfortable to use or maybe one that lets you get accurate pitch measurements time and time again. These are the thread gages you'll want to invest in moving forward.

Thread gages may not look like they have a lot of variabilities, but they actually do. They come in different sizes, coatings, handle designs, and other features. That means plenty of options for you to choose from. Just look at what would be best based on how you measure pitches.