Keys To Using Scaffold Rentals Safely Each Time

Scaffolds typically need to be rented out for short-term projects where heights are involved. It might be to reach near the roof to repair a gutter system or to paint the exterior of a structure. Either way, these systems will remain safe to use if you observe a couple of protocols.

Keep Walkways Clear

Nearly every rental scaffold will have walkways. They're important areas you'll be using quite regularly as to move to different areas on this structure. You can aid movement by keeping your walkways clear at all times.

You'll probably have equipment up with you on this scaffold, but you want to put it in a place that's safe to walk around. Then you won't have to worry about tripping over this gear and injuring yourself when using a rental scaffold. Moving around this structure will be a lot safer and easier. 

Maintain Three Points of Contact When Climbing

In order to get up to the taller portions of a rental scaffold, you will have to do some climbing. It's paramount that you exercise caution when performing these activities, ideally using at least three points of contact. This may help you maintain your grip a lot better when moving up the scaffold's ladder system or steps. If you somehow lose your footing or grip, you'll have multiple points of contact to keep you from injuring yourself. Take your time as well so that you don't misjudge a step.

Complete Repairs Quickly if Necessary 

If you use a rental scaffold and damage comes about, it's a good idea to have it repaired before using the scaffold again. One of the platforms could have chipped or there might be a rail that moves out of alignment. You can contact the rental company you used and they'll be able to send out a repair contractor.

Having them complete a professional repair is important for not only addressing the issue at hand but also for inspecting the entire scaffold. The repair contractor will perform a thorough assessment to make sure the scaffold is completely safe to be on. That will keep you a lot safer when using these structures for various projects.

Rental scaffolds are pivotal structures to use for a lot of projects, including siding and painting work. If you focus on being safe when working around and on these structures, they're not going to create as many liabilities that cause you or other professionals a lot of stress during a project. Contact a scaffolding rental service near you to learn more.