Repairing a Condenser Tube Leak

Leaking gases or liquid that are emitted through a damaged condenser tube can be harmful to you and your staff members. Locating the root of a leak is essential and if the compromised portion of the condenser tube is not severe, a condenser tube plug can be used to temporarily remedy the solution. How Is a Leak Detected? You may notice a change in a machine's pressure when a condenser issue has occurred. Read More 

Three Different Ways To Customize Your Truck Service Body

Service bodies for trucks are a great way to provide extra storage space and protection for your tools for any truck with a bed. These service trucks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, so it's important to know your options when buying one. Heavy Duty Or Lightweight One of the most important parts of choosing a service body is understanding how much you'll need the body to handle. Read More 

Top Things To Look For When Buying Metric Fasteners

You might work with fasteners on a regular basis, so you might be planning on stocking up on them so that you'll have plenty of them on hand. Alternatively, you might just be looking for a few specific metric fasteners that can be used for one specific project that you are working on. No matter how many metric fasteners you are planning on buying or what you are planning on using them for, there are a few key things that you will want to look at before making your purchase. Read More 

Buying Custom Moulding Knives For Your Project Or Home Restoration

Working with custom construction or restoration of older buildings often means needing special tools that are specific to the work you are doing. Reproducing moulding is one example where this is the case, and the moulding knives that are required to cut the perfect profiles must be right, or the final product will not meet your needs.  Moulding Knives A moulding knife is nothing more than a blade with a specific profile cut into that is used to create a particular design on wood or other materials used for interior moulding. Read More 

Efficiently Separate Cables And Wires And Increase Your Profits

Replacing faulty wiring will involve identifying which cables and wires are damaged or inoperable prior to removing them and disposing of them. Did you know that tossing out metal or plastic components is not only wasteful, but could essentially result in throwing money away? Copper and other valuable metals can be recycled for cash, and a cable granulator will aid in separating a cable or wire's coating from the materials that are nested inside of the sheath. Read More